Monday, December 28, 2009


At my last SCC Knit Night some of the ladies were talking about a sale at Dressew. The store has been around for arpx 40 years but I have never been there. They supply buttons, zippers, and tons of fabric for those who sew. (And holy cow the store is huge! I was overwelmed by how much stuff they had!!)

They just recently starting carrying yarn. And right now all yarn is 1.99 per ball! Since the store is downtown I decided to check it out after work on the 24th, since I only had to work half a day that day anyway. And here's what happened:

This is the most yarn I have ever bought all at once. The Rowan ribbon twist is destined to become Shroom. The Regia is going to be given in the post Christmas gift exchange the SCC Knit Group is doing in January. (I'm pretty sure no one from there reads this blog, and if you do just forget you read this k? :) Thx.) The Nashua Handkits Granite wants to become a pair of mittens (I'm not sure of which pattern yet - maybe just a basic mitten?) The Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes will likely become a scarf, but seeing as its last on the list it will be quite awhile before that happens.
FO's coming up later in the week. :)