Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day! and other randomness

It's snowing here in Greater Vancouver again. It's the second snow day in less than a week. (translation: stay off the roads!!) Its supposed to be really cold here for the next week or so. Really cold it this case means: zero celsius and down to -8 on some days!

I've been tagged in a meme by Katie and I have every intention of doing this but my computer needs to see the doctor. So this will be tackled once its all fixed up.

I finished reading Twilight in just 3 days and put New Moon on hold at the library but there were 146 people in front of me in the library line how know how long that will take?!


Jen said...

So, I'm guessing you liked Twilight?
I don't think I'm going to complain about my "cold" snap here. It has been in the teens.

blindpurls said...

Hey Julia, hope you are enjoying the snow ;-) Hey if you want to borrow my daughter's copy I can see if it's available. I think that the last person who borrowed it has finished it. Let me know and I can bring it to a Knitting Meetup for you.