Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book Series Review: Twilight

So, over the course of 4 months I read the Twilight series. Books 1-3 were read in about 3 or 4 days each (this is super fast for me!). I loved them and like many others before me I couldn’t put them down. Fantasy is never my first book choice but the first 3 books of the series eased me into the genre. I loved how Bella had doubts and insecurities and wasn’t a perfect person.

Book 4 (Breaking Dawn) felt completely different from the rest of the series. The book was told in 3 parts. Part 1 told by Bella, part 2 by Jacob, and part 3 by Bella. I have to say that the middle part was the most interesting. I enjoyed the chapter titles by Jacob ie: The two things at the very top of my things-I-never-want-to-do list or Sure as hell didn’t see that one coming. I felt that a lot of Bella’s story could have been condensed. It seemed to drag on and on. However the last half a dozen chapters were really good, and reminded me of Edward and Bella’s time in Italy. I am especially intrigued with Bella’s shield and her growing control over it.

Overall I’m very glad I read the series and I am looking forward to renting the movie when it’s released on DVD later this month.

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