Monday, November 2, 2009

Lets go for a walk....

With the sunny weather we had on Sunday I decided to go for a walk and take my camera along with me.

Destination: Garry Point Park in Richmond, BC

Make sure you take some good tunes with you!

I parked along the road one block away to make sure I got some exercise!

Looks like I'm not the only one who though today was a good day to get outside. This trail is called the dyke and goes almost all the way around Richmond, which is an island.

Here's Garry Point Park, where you will almost always find a kite or two. It's not too windy today so there's not too many kites.

This is why I like the park, the beach. Its high tide today though so not much beach.

At the begining of the park you can buy coffee, ice-cream, or fish and chips. Store hours dependant on season. Looks like fall/winter hours have already started 'cause it mostly closed. I'm not stopping but continuing on to Steveston village.

Steveston Village is where Richmond first began, and it still holds some historic buildings. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery used to process fish, but now its a small maritime museum.

You're sure to see fishing boats when you come to Steveston!

Down on the docks you can buy straight from the boat! There's salmon, tuna, salmon row....

...and my favourite shirmp!

I passed this store on my way out of Steveston and couldn't pass by without checking out the yarn inside.

I headed home after this but had to snap one last picture as I passed through Garry Point park again.

Thanks for joining me!

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