Monday, March 3, 2008

Knitting vs. Reading

So another week has gone by with more reading than knitting. I've just finished a book by Robin Lee Hatcher and I've started another one yesterday by the same author. I guess I kinda go through spurts where I'll go a couple of weeks of knitting like crazy, then I go a couple of weeks reading like crazy. I was feeling like this would be pure reading week, but I've just come home from my SCC knitting meeting and now I feel like knitting too. Ohhhh, what has more of a draw? In about 20 minutes 'October Road' will be on TV and that has more draw than knitting or reading so it will win out. (Good thing one can knit and watch TV at the same time. :) )

So here's a word to the wise (from perhaps the not so wise?) Do not put your blistex chap stix through the washer and dryer. Yes this may seem like common sense but if you by chance forget that its in your pocket and wash and dry it anyway you might find (like I did) that all the product has gone into the lid and is no longer useable! Crappy deal. Now I know why it's best to have a back up.


monnibo said...

OR if your chapstick DOES make it into the washer, rescue it before it goes into the dryer! Usually mine fall out my pockets in the washer and I can rescue them before the dryer. hahha

monnibo said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, I definitely go through stages like that! In fact, I read every night before bed but I may not knit for days on end because I'm not inspired. The good part is I blog about the books I finish!

Amy said...

Julia - it's Amy - your Longing For Spring Swap coordinator. I need you to email me ... you pal is wondering if your pal is curious to know if you have received your package yet.