Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's been way to long since this blog has had any knitting content. I finally got around to re-charging the battery on my camera and found all these old FOs! So here are a couple dishcloths I've knit in the past couple of months.

This is the Waffle Knit Dishcloth and is knit with the remains of 2 balls Bernat Handicraft Cotton.

This one is the Bamboo Cloth made from from some left over Bernat Handicraft Cotton and Sugar n' Cream.

I liked the pattern for the Bamboo Cloth so much I made another!

This is the Linked Hearts Dischcloth that I made from Sugar n' Cream. Both the yarn and the pattern were gifts from a past swap.

This is the No Holes Dishcloth made from Sugar n' Cream, Plum Pudding.

If you've stuck around this long... well thanks! I know dishcloths are not the most interesting knitted items. I have some more knitting stuff to share but will save it for a latter day. :)

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