Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here's looking at you kid!

I had a great weekend, but in true Julia fashion I've neglected to blog about it. I had a fun time at Taste of the City with my sister, her husband, his sister, and her finance. Ate lots of yummy food including ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. (They just came to New Westminster, BC and our family is loving it! I just checked their website and although there are only 8 locations in all of BC, appearantly they have locations ALL OVER Texas!)

Saturday night I went to my friend M's house, where she and her husband (ok, mainly her husband) have a projection TV. The screen takes up the entire wall of their living room! She invited me to come watch Casablanca with her and some friends. I jumped at the chance! I have always wanted to see this movie, but my local Rogers doesn't have it on DVD (and I don't have VHS). It was a great movie, and I like it so much that I hope to re-watch it someday.

I receieved my yarn package today from my Ravelry yarn swap pal. Its a $30.00 swap and we were each matched up to someone from another country. I was matched with Kristine. (Her blog is all in Norwegian, but her Ravelry page has some amazing fair isle mittens. Go check it out.) She sent me 4 skeins are wool: 1 black, 1 red, and 2 blue and white mixed skeins. They are meant to be knit on 3.5mm needles. I've never knit anything with wool. Does anyone have a good pattern suggestion? (I told my sister that I would knit her a pair of slippers this winter so I think I might use some of this wool for that.)

I have no pictures because I still don't have a digital camera. I think I'm getting closer to buying one though. My brother got a $350.00 digital camera and it's soooo nice. Nothing like a little jealousy to get you motivated into saving up for one of your own huh?

Monday evening I went to the Vancouver Knitting Meetup. I got to see fellow blogger Monica there, and meet some new knitters too. I enjoying seeing what other people are knitting. It usually inspires me to keep knitting (are start knitting again, as the case may be!)

I have finally corrected the socks. Yuck! Next time remind me not to mess up in the first place. :) I've ripped back, picked up the stitches, and re-counted everything. I'm now on track to start knitting again. It looks a little messier since the rip back but hopefully once I've knit a couple more rows it'll look better.

Anyway, I'm signing off because Friends is on TV and its seems like the perfect knitting time.


Ryan said...
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monnibo said...

My dad said my sister and I got bored and fell asleep watching Casablanca as kids... but I think we were just too young.

You don't have a digital camera? I could have taken a photo of your sock at Our Town... you turned out a bit blurry... sorry.

Wool = felting = felted slippers! I recommend Fiber Trends Felt Clogs. I've got the pattern if you're interested!