Saturday, June 14, 2008

KIPing and socks

Today I met up with fellow Richmondites for knit in public day. We met at Blenz in Steveston then sat and knit and chatted for about two hours. After a month of not knitting it's nice to be knitting and knitting with others again.

I finally started my first pair of socks! I've been wanting to make a pair of socks for eons. I bought one skein of Berroco Sox yarn in colour# 1426 (blue) a couple of months ago, and finally bought the correct sized needle this week. I cast on on Thursday evening and now I'm about 3 inches into it. I'm using a pattern that I got from a swap pal and is by Ann Norling called "Adult Socks" (Creative name huh?) It's a basic pattern that calls for 4 DPNs and knit top down. I'm so exicited about them that I'm off to knit now.

See ya!


Christina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had to come over and check yours out. I really want to learn to knit but I have the hardest time. My sister is an awesome knitter. I love the pictures of socks on the other blog. I really need to try this again. Thanks for the inspiration I will check often.

blindpurls said...

Congrats on starting your first pair of socks! Welcome to the sock side, lol. Now we just have to enable Monica to start hers :-)