Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Book Review: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

I read this book as part of the Southern Reading Challenge. I had high hopes for this book but I was sadly disappointed. The story follows the life of Maya Angelou from age 3 to 16 and the hardships she encounters/endures in the rural south. The book felt dis-jointed to me. This is probally because she is as young as 3 years old in the beginning, and the younger you are the more choppy your memories become, but I had a hard time time staying interested in this book.

For sure, the story is a sad one. No child should have to grow up in the difficult way that Maya did. She was moved from house to house/relative to relative, and was abused at age 8. The book talks alot about racism as well. (It made me glad that I live in Canada and don't have to deal with such blatant racism. I know Canadians aren't perfect, but I think our multiple cultures blend a bit better. Maybe its just because we don't have a strong history of slavery. ~Ok stepping off the soapbox now.) Thoughout all the tough things that go on in Maya's life she finds comfort in books and literature.

Overall, I wouldn't reccommend this book, but I am sort of glad I read it because I've been courious about Maya Angelou as an author for awhile.

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____Maggie said...

Ya know, I have never read this and I'm not sure why. From my work at the public library, I know this is one of the most checked out books in our system, but still I'm holding out. I think I'm waiting to read it as a discussion book. :)