Monday, August 4, 2008

"I want a ferry with a hat on!"

If you closely at the picture on the right you can see a house and the roofs of 2 cabins. Last week I stayed in the house with K & L and their 2 kids, 2 year old L and 1 year old M. It was a nice place to stay and the beds were very comfortable. The view is super nice and we had a front row seat to see all the ferry activity in Active Pass. We saw at least a ferry or two every hour on the hour. At each sighting 2 year old L would get all excited, like he hadn't just seen one a hour ago! Oh the joy of being 2 years old. :)

On our last day there his mom pointed out that the blue smoke stack looked like a hat. He proclaimed that he wanted to go home on a "ferry with a hat on". He was very adamant on this fact!

Below shows the view from the porch (ferry in the background). It was a great view, with nothing between us and the water. It was relaxing to just listen to the water. I love listening to the waves.

**Pictures courtesy of the house owner.

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