Saturday, November 1, 2008

Knitting Update

Just a quick knitting update.... I'm almost finished the pin wheel blanket. I only have one and half rows to knit and the bind off left, but when each row has 380 stitches one row takes a while to knit.

I have the yarn for the Green Gable sweater I want to make. I'll order the pattern online after I have correct gauge. I'm usually not too picky about gauge (normally I don't even do a swatch) but I want the sweater to be my size! :) Unfortunately I can't start this until the blanket is done because they use the same needles.

I have cast on and the knit the first 4 rows of the Lace Ribbon Scarf. I had to do it 3 times in order to get it right!! Yikes lace might harder then I thought! This project is on hold until the blanket and sweater are finished.

PS. The digital camera I want is going on sale on the 4th. So hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon. :) Does anyone have digital camera advice? Do you love yours? Let me know what kind it is. Do you hate yours? Please let me know so I don't buy that one! Thanks!!


pixelated dream said...

Ooo hope you get your camera! If not bring your socks to a meetup if you can make it when I'm there and I can let you play with my camera to take FO pics for now.

As for cameras. I am in the process of bidding on a new one on ebay (crossing my fingers that I win). For me, the important thing is a large LCD screen in order to see; however that isn't important for most. Getting a camera with a rechargeable battery is great, I find it is so much better than using AA or AAAs. Another good feature for a knitter is having a macro mode to take nice close up pictures of your knitting! Another thing that is nice to have to save battery time is a camera with a viewfinder plus LCD screen so that way you don't waste all your battery using the screen.

As for my camera I love mine, it's durable and takes pretty good pictures. It's an Olympus Stylus 600 (6.0 mp_. The next one is going to be an Canon Powershot SD770 (10 mp) if I win the bid and the old camera is going to my daughter. Canon's are great cameras and I found my Olympus to be good as well.

pixelated dream said...

PS it's me Chelle, just used another email addy!